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John Deere Baler Bearing JD8552

- Bearing For Baler John Deere T349-346-459-466-359-CB300. and Combine :9000 series. CTS series

Part No: JD8552 AE29749
SKU: 102144


Spare Parts for John Deere Baler John Deere T349-346-459-466-359-CB300.

 Combine  :9000 series. CTS series 


radial insert ball bearings are robust, ready-to-fit rolling bearings for the design of particularly economical bearing mounts. These robust machine elements are available in numerous designs that differ essentially in the outside surface of the outer ring, the method of location on the shaft and the sealing arrangement. The classic areas of application for these bearings include the agricultural, construction and mining sector, conveying equipment, textile, paper and woodworking machinery as well as machines for the filling, timber and packaging industries. Radial insert ball bearings comprise solid outer rings, inner rings extended on one or both sides, cages made from plastic or sheet steel and contact seals on both sides. Bearings with an inner ring extended on both sides undergo less tilting of the inner ring and therefore run more smoothly

Compensation of misalignment:

The outer ring has a spherical or cylindrical outside surface. In conjunction with an  housing with a concave bore matched to  the bearing design, bearings with a spherical outer ring can compensate static misalignments of the shaft, see Compensation  of misalignments

Location on the shaft:

Radial insert ball bearings are located on the shaft by means of an eccentric locking collar or two set screws in the inner ring.

With eccentric locking collar:

These  radial insert ball bearings are located on the shaft by means of a locking collar,  They are particularly suitable for bearing mounts with a constant direction of rotation or, under low speed and load, for an alternating direction of rotation. The locking collar is preferably tightened in the direction of rotation and secured by means of a set screw. This location method prevents damage to the shaft and can be easily loosened again


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