Product catalog Baler Knotter Claas Baler Tensioner 000022.0

Claas Baler Tensioner 000022.0

- Tensioner Markant 40/50/60

Part No: 000022.0
SKU: 102690


Spare parts for Baler Markant 40/50/60 Series

How Do Knotters Work ?

1. After the needle has been threaded, the end of the twine is held in the twine disk by the twine holder. As the bale is formed, the twine is pulled from the twine box around the bale.

2. When the bale reaches its proper length, the measuring wheel trips the tying mechanism and the needle, with the help of the tucker finger, brings the second strand of twine through the guide on the knife arm, across the bill hook and into the twine dis


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